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Yelena Rubin - Fine Artist

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin

Park Ridge, NJ - United States

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Painting is my passion. I am specializes in realistic and imaginary portraits, figurative and nature paintings, including detailed pencil/ color portraits. Style and nature of my art mostly paints in oils and acrylics and digital design using a wide array of colors.

I have a renewed passion for art in my life. When I was a young girl, I loved sketching, sculpting and painting. My creativity with design at this early stage in my life was so second nature to me that my life and art were intertwined

In my late teen years, I expanded my talents not only with art but also in the world of fashion. I not only designed garments for a high-end women’s boutique, but also later had a hand with the patterns and finally modeling my creations.

Like all artists and designers, in my college years, I study the great masters of antiquity as well as architecture. I considered myself a renaissance woman. Nothing was impossible and the only limitation on creation was I.

However, as we all know, life offers all of us choices or paths to be taken. Being a free spirit, love and eventually my family became my desires. Though my art still existed, my family was my life’s passion.

As the years passed, my life changed in so many ways. The wonderful people, places and experiences that I have had will be penned in my memoirs and with my paintings. I have now come full circle in my life. My art has again become center stage. Now, it is time to raise the curtains in this latest chapter of my continuing adventure and again let my love of life expressed in my creations.


Capture that Special Moment in Time
with a Portrait

Individual - Family - Loved One
Landscapes - Special Places - Fantasies - Pet Portraits

There is nothing more special that can bring a room to life or warm the heart so much as a quality work of art of a loved one, hanging in a place of prominence in your home or office. The possibilities will be endless and the results are breathtaking.

I am an artist who likes to capture those special moments in time or tell a story. I paint and sculpt in traditional styles with a new interpretative flare. Oils, acrylics, pencil and clay are my specialties. I work best from photos, but sketches or your specific thoughts and dreams are also welcome.

Let me make your dreams come to life. You choose your size and your subject of your masterpiece. Contact me by phone or e-mail and we can discuss the your specific need. All work is guaranteed and you can see progress photographs of your are in progress. I think that you will be happy with the end result.

I have always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, I invite you to see samples of my work, available on my web site at; Please visit this site. All comments are welcome.

Prices vary, but are all very affordable. My rates depend on the size, style time involved and medium desired. All rates are negotiable. Multiple purchases come with an additional discount. When completed, your work of art is packed with expertise and care. Shipping will be professionally packed with protective packaging materials. UPS, priority mail or Federal Express, depending on the size.

Paintings from the beginning of time have always been desirable. Now all you have to do is contact me to make your wishes come true.

Thank you.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work as much as I have bringing it to you!






Yelena Rubin - Rainbow Gaze

Rainbow Gaze

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - The King

The King

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - The Fox And The Grapes
Yelena Rubin - Forever Together

Forever Together

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Serenade


Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Dreamgirl


Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Summers Sunflowers

Summers Sunflowers

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Eternity


Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Contessa de Carcassonne
Yelena Rubin - Cece


Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Wild Freedom

Wild Freedom

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - New Toy

New Toy

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - No More Talking

No More Talking

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Tail Me

Tail Me

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - What Now

What Now

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - A Scent of Heaven

A Scent of Heaven

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Grove Pinup

Grove Pinup

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Briny Blues

Briny Blues

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Sunny Tropical Fruits
Yelena Rubin - Embrace Yourself

Embrace Yourself

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Believe


Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Cascade


Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Great Escape

Great Escape

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Emerald Gaze

Emerald Gaze

Yelena Rubin

Yelena Rubin - Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers

Yelena Rubin





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